Can VTK be integrated with an existing CPQ(configure, price, quote) software to make automated drawings in the background based on parametric values provided?

Let’s say a user wants to build and buy a house from scratch. He logs in to a CPQ (configure price quote ) software and starts putting in various details like length, breadth, height, volume, number of widows, the type of ceiling, the material on the roof, so on and so forth. A CPQ software usually generated the quotation and bill based on these inputs provided. What I am looking for is that when a user enters the aforementioned details into the software, a 2D drawing should get automatically generated in the background based on the parametric values provided by the user. This is exactly like product visualization. Please help me.

While VTK may not be the perfect tool for this, you could use it for the visualization backend of a CPQ software.

Hey thanks for the help. Could you suggest me any tool that you are aware of to execute this functionality?

nothing comes to mind.

However, VTK can be integrated in the background of a CPQ to produce automatic drawings, right?