CGNS File Format in Cylindrical Coordinates

how to read CGNS File Format in Cylindrical Coordinates ? As of now it has the capability to read the file in Cartesian coordinates.

As far as I can tell, vtkCGNSReader does not support cylindrical coordinate input. I suppose the answer you didn’t want to hear is that you could contribute some C++ code to vtkCNGSReader.

Your other option is to use some other tool to convert your CGNS data from cylindrical to Cartesian. CGNS uses HDF5 as a base format to store data in. Converting it is an added inconvenience, but it turns something that is presently not possible (reading it in through VTK) into something that is merely hard (convert to Cartesian, or some other VTK readable format).

There are bunches of good HDF5 libraries out there that are capable of doing this. I’m sure Matlab has one (I can’t afford it), Python has a couple (a CGNS library, netCDF4 and pyHDF5, the former because HDF5 is built on top of NetCDF4). There also appear to be numerous conversion utilities that might do what you need. It also appears as if Kitware is looking to make a nice HDF5 tool.

The complexity of it all explains why the option may not have been supplied by the author of vtkCNGSReader, limited time and money to do the work. We don’t often work with CGNS, but if I ever write a utility to do something similar I’ll post a link.

Thank you for the reply