changing the color of one sphere on a vtkContourWidget

Hello dear people,

I am trying to change a specific sphere color on a vtkContourWidget.

I have been searching the web before asking you, but couldn(t find any help from there.

The properties I know and that I can change are:

rep.GetLinesProperty().SetColor(1, 0.2, 0)

which defines a reddish contour with a line thickness of 3.0 together with the points represented as spheres which diameters are all equal to 10 (SetPointSize) and all colored with a cyan color (SetColor)

rep is of course derived from the following code snippet:

contourWidget = vtk.vtkContourWidget()
rep = contourWidget.GetRepresentation()

My question is then: is it possibly, via python, to get the spheres (points) and to locate the one I need, display it with a different color while keeping the others as default or while using a common color?

My python version is 3.7:8 and the version of VTK is 7.2.0 under Win10 if it may be of help.

Thank you in advance,

Best regards,