Charts: Change thickness of marker

Hello everyone!

I have a line plot where I do selections. I was able to change the width and color of the line. I would like to do the same with the selections on the line plot. Right now the selection is a very thin plus sign. I would like to increase the thickness of the lines of the plus.

I tried this:

vtkSmartPointer<vtkPlotLine> linePlot =vtkPlotLine::SafeDownCast(chart->AddPlot(vtkChart::LINE));
linePlot->SetInputData(mTable, 0, 1); // works
linePlot->SetColor(1, 0, 87, 255); // works
linePlot->SetWidth(2.0); // works
linePlot->SetMarkerSize(10); // works but does not have the desired effect
linePlot->GetSelectionPen()->SetWidth(100); // no effect

Setting the marker size to something bigger works but this only affects the length of the “arms” of the plus sign but not the thickness of the “arms”.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!