cmake error with vtkModule.cmake

building v9.3.0 static debug c++ Visual Studio 2022. My cmake install prefix is a relative path
from my build director “…/install” . vtk builds and installs . building gdcm I receive:
Selecting Windows SDK version 10.0.22621.0 to target Windows 10.0.19043.
Building Utilities/VTK as a VTK 9 Module
CMake Error at D:/build/install/lib/cmake/vtk/vtkModule.cmake:2121 (message):
The SPDX_DESTINATION must not be an absolute path. Use
CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX to keep everything in a single installation prefix.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
D:/build/install/lib/cmake/vtk/vtkModule.cmake:2667 (_vtk_module_check_destinations)
CMakeLists.txt:694 (vtk_module_build)

during configuration. Do I have to turn something in my vtk cmake cache on or off ?

I am developing a qt desktop app with Qt5 and require gdcm .

FWIW I get over the hurdle if I comment out the following in my installed vtkModule.cmake:

#SPDX_DESTINATION <------------------------

What is that ?

GDCM (grass roots dicom library) = gdcm

I have found other issues with building gdcm that should be posted to gdcm forum. For now my solution is to not build gdcm with vtk 9.x dependency. I need gdcm for my build of the vtk-dicom (Home - dgobbi) which uses it for reading compressed dicom image content. No need to consider this as an issue.

It looks like CMAKE_INSTALL_DATAROOTDIR may be empty or set to an absolute path. Can you share the full configure line you used?

sorry, I removed that build and used ITK gdcm module to link to in my vtk-dicom build.
It would be great if there were coverage for Visual Studio based static builds of the
VTK/ITK/GDCM/vtk-doicom/CTK/Qt ecosystem.