Color a cut plane over unstructured grid

Hi all.
I have a doubt about how to use vtkCutter in my python script.
My workflow is:

  • taking an unstructured grid.
  • filter it by a VtkThreshold over a scalar, named e.g. ‘A’
  • then plot a slice of the filtered-by-threshold ugrid, using VtkCutter, colored by another scalar, say it ‘B’.

Everything works perfectly, but using the lookup table of the ugrid on the slice I obtain only a solid color (while in paraview gui is displaying correctly, see image attached)

How does it work vtkCutter in vtk library? Does it mantain scarlar data?

Thank you

Hi, I am also looking solution to a similar problem. I have a vtkPolydata containing the grid (as vtkPoints) and temperature distribution along the grid as an attribute. I want to plot this as slice plots. I have been looking for a solution for some days but still cannot find any similar examples. Any help is highly appreciated.