Coming up with ideas to visually represent multiple properties of a point in space

Hi! I’m new to using vtk so if someone could point me in the right direction about my problem that’d be great!

Currently I have 4 views which each want to render a large number of points. Three of these views are planar views and one is in 3D space.

However, each point has two boolean properties a and b, and I want to be able to clearly, visually identify these two properties and each of their combinations for each point in space. This makes a matrix of potential values for each point.

Column 1 Column 2
b ab

Very Important Details

  • I want to be able to visually distinguish a and b at the same time, so something such as 4 different colours is not a suitable solution. Colour for one property + another method to visually distinguish is preferred.
  • Cannot use a difference in opacity, as I use opacity for another property.
  • Points may be visually very close to one another, potentially slightly overlapping (there is a shape at each point)
  • The current design is very poorly made – it currently uses a new actor for every point – I know that causes poor performance for lots of actors and using something like vtkGylph3DMapper would be better. For the moment, we’re stuck with this. So, a solution has to avoid increasing the actor count, preferably at all. All the ideas I have thought of include creating new actors, which is difficult to do before changing the implementation to using glyphs. If you only have an idea of implementations using glyphs, please do share as well.

Thank you!