Compile error 9.0RC3, VS 2017, Windows 10, snprintf

I am using CMake 3.12.2, VS 2017 15.9.22 on a Windows 10 machine.
When I compile, I get errors in libxml2 and tiff:

Macro redefinition of 'snprintf' conflicts with Standard Library definition.

I have traced it to ThirdParty/libxml2/vtklibxml/CMakeLists.txt, which calls

check_sybmol_exists(snprintf "${LIBXML_INCLUDES}" HAVE_SNPRINTF)

However, LIBXML_INCLUDES does not list stdio.h which is where snprint is defined, so HAVE_SNPRINTF is set to false.

when ThirdParty/tiff/vtktiff/CMakeLists also checks for snprintf with its call to

check_symbol_exists(snprintf "stdio.h" HAVE_SNPRINTF)

which should succeed, it doesn’t, because HAVE_SNPRINTF has already been set.

There is a build path where the check for ‘snprintf’ happens before libxml’s check, then things work.
I think that is when vtkhdf5 is included in the build. For my use case, I am not using vtkhdf5.

Hmm. That would explain why we don’t see it on our builds. Please file an issue; I’ll try and get to it early next week.