Compile vtk-9.1 with mingw-Error, "file too big"

When I compile VTK-9.1 by mingw.
I selected the vtkm.
The compiler said: UnknownArrayHandle.cxx.obj: too many sections (79466)
UnknownArrayHandle.cxx.obj: ‘file too big’.

So, how to compile it correctly?

The -mbig-obj flag needs passed to handle this. See usage in Common/Misc/CMakeLists.txt and a similar approach will be needed in ThirdParty/vtkm/vtkvtkm/vtk-m/vtkm/cont/CMakeLists.txt.

Is that MinGW or MinGW64? Despite the name similarity, these are two different projects. The former does not support 64-bit, so @ben.boeckel 's solution likely won’t work. You have to use the latter to have full 64-bit support. Either that or resorting to Visual Studio Community which is a good non-POSIX 64-bit alternative for non-commercial applications on Windows.

MINGW just means a MinGW toolchain is in use.