Compiling custom VTK extension with python wrapper

I am working to compile a custom VTK extension with python wrappers, and am trying to figure out how to do it with the new VTK 9 cmake build system.

I must admit I am in a little bit over my head, and am hoping to receive some general guidance and/or references to other projects that have to overcome the same challenges. Any tips?

In VTK 9, wrapping is done on a per-module basis, so the code that is to be wrapped must be arranged so that VTK can see it as a “module”, e.g.:

CMakeLists.txt  # the cmake file that calls the cmake module macros
YourModule/     # the module directory
    vtk.module       # the "module file", contains info about the module
    CMakeLists.txt   # the module's CMakeLists.txt file
    vtkSomeClass.h   # a header to be wrapped

A sample can be found in Examples/Modules/Wrapping.