Complete VTK build? (except modules depending on external libraries)

I’m using the master branch. I wasn’t able to find info on how to do a complete build of VTK (that is, excluding modules depending on external libs). After running ccmake iteratively, as explained in the documentation, I thought I had marked everything I needed, but then, I try the GLTFImporter example, and I got

“Skipping GLTFImporter: Could not find the VTK package with the following required components: RenderingContextOpenGL2”

I’m surprised that VTK built without such component, but, anyway, can’t I just tell ccmake to build everything? (everything except for external libs not available) How can I do it?


You can tell VTK to build all modules (that aren’t blocked by options like VTK_USE_MPI or whether Python wrapping is available) by setting VTK_BUILD_ALL_MODULES=ON. You’ll have to set specific modules to =NO if you don’t have the dependencies for them (that information is not known to the top-level selection mechanisms). Off hand, modules which tend to have dependencies:

  • Infovis (Boost deps)
  • IO (various, particularly IOSQL*)
  • RenderingRayTracing (OSPRay and VisRTX depending on options)
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Thanks a lot!!