Controlling text property for vtkLabelPlacementMapper

I am displaying some labels on a set of points in Python using vtkLabelPlacementMapper.

The problem is the text is rendered in white by default, and becomes invisible when the background color is white as well.

Looking at the documentation it seems vtkLabelPlacementMapper can take vtkTextProperty via its RenderStrategy, but when I try that path, it doesn’t seem to affect the text rendering. However
I noticed this discussion centering (justification/alignment) of vtkFollower text, the priority-based hierarchical label rendering is also important for my use-case.

I was wondering if there is a way to have both.

Sorry, just figured out the solution from the example here Issues · pyvista/pyvista · GitHub
The text property can be set via the vtkPointSetToLabelHierarchy used for mapping the labels to their priorities.