Convert 2D ultrasound image to 3D

I have 3D matrix and the pixel spacing about volume , how can l get volume render.

You can reconstruct a 3D volume from 2D ultrasound image slices using Plus toolkit.

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Is there a simple user guide for plustoolkit?

User guide is here. You can post your questions as issues on the project’s issue tracker.

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Thank you! I will do that!

PyVista also makes the uber-easy:

import pyvista as pv
import numpy as np
from scipy import signal

# Make some arbitrary 3D array
g = signal.gaussian(100, std=20)
x, y, z = np.meshgrid(g,g,g)
vol = x * y * z

# Plot it with PyVista
pv.plot(vol, volume=True, opacity="sigmoid_5")

Then of course, you can get fancy by making this an actual VTK dataset to set the spacing:

grid = pv.UniformGrid(vol.shape)
grid.spacing = (2,2,2)
grid["data"] = vol.ravel()