Convert or make a single file

Hi, i’m new to vtk, and i have been looking for functions or scripts that can convert .vtp, .vtu, .vtm files, to .vtk or maybe .vtp. But i can’t find anything.

What i want to know is if this type of operation is even possible, if so, how?

Or if i can run all these files and then save as just one .vtk or .vtp file.

Obs.: I’m using Python.

There was a question on StackOverflow that was not exactly an answer to your question, but it is related. You could also try out ParaView, this page describes how you might start converting things.

It is possible to merge the data in the files with vtkAppendPolyData, and then save them in most cases.

Thank you for the reply!

The StackOverflow question show me some light, but i couldn’t do much so far.

vtkAppendPolyData says that some scalars may be lost.

For now i’m back to the documentation, and being experimental with paraview.

Best regards.