Convert .vtu files to .vtkjs files

Hello! I noticed that in ParaView, I can export .vtu files as .vtkjs files. Can I achieve this functionality using the Python API? Thank you very much!

Yes but when doing so, the data is getting converted into polydata.
You can use the trace in paraview to get that info.

@Sebastien_Jourdain Thank you very much for your response! I have already found the conversion method.

However, I would like to inquire further: My geometric object is composed of a large number of irregular planes. After converting it to polydata, can I still use VTK to perform operations like picking on these planes?

You can do those operations on the external surface of your mesh. Meaning on what you can see in 3D. The rest (3D cells) have been removed.

Okay, thank you very much!