Create a volume from a stack of non parallel slices

Hello community,

What would be the best approach to create an interpolated volume (ideally a vtkImageData) from a stack of 2D non parallel slices (UltraSound images) ? Is it possible ? Here is a snapshot of all images …!



Freehand tracked ultrasound reconstruction is available in the VTK-based PLUS toolkit. It is based on @dgobbi’s implementation (developed over a decade ago) but many added features added since then, such as GPU acceleration (using OpenCL), hole filling, automatic fan angle detection, various compounding options.

  • GUI is available in 3D Slicer (in SlicerIGT extension). Both batch-mode and real-time volume reconstruction. These old video shows the concept (volume reconstruction is continuous now, you don’t need to wait 1-2 seconds for updates):
  • Command-line interface is available here
  • You can also link the algorithm directly into your application (it is available in IGSIO library, so you don’t need to pull in the entire PLUS toolkit to use it).

Thank you !
We will try the IGSIO library, it seems to be the good solution for us :slight_smile:

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