Create volumetric mesh

I need to create a volumetric ellipsoid. VTK appears to provide a number of ways to create a mesh representing the surface of a 3D object. Therefore I used the example given in [1] to first create a vtkParametricEllipsoid and then convert it to unstructured grid.

The reason I want to do this is to pass the output to a Finite Element tool as a solid ellipsoid, but I think by converting a surface mesh to unstructured grid does not fill the interior part which means does not create an ellipsoid with points inside the volume.
Is there a way to approach that ?

Moreover, I assume that unstructured grid outputs a point cloud and not a 3D mesh. If so how can I convert it into a volumetric mesh/ellipsoid ?


You can create a surface mesh of the ellipsoid and then generate a volumetric mesh from that using one of the many volumetric meshers, such as cleaver2, netgen, cgal, tetgen, or gmsh.