Creating actors after vtkImageBlend

Hello everyone,

first of all I’m a noob trying to learn VTK so excuse me if the question seems unnecessary. I can not find an answer anywhere.

Right now I am getting vtkImageData from nifti Images, which is passed through a vtkImageMapToColors, then through vtkImageBlend which is connected to a vtkImageViewer2. I tried connecting vtkImageBlend to a vtkPolyDataMapper and the OutputPort to the viewer, but apparently there is no output port and the viewer won’t work without an input connection.

My question is; how can I create actors of the volumes (and where?) so that those are pickable through the slice viewer? I seem to be confused about what exactly is a mapper here, since the vtkImageMapToColors is connected to the vtkImageBlend, and not to the rendering pipeline.

Thanks a lot for your time. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Best regards, Valentin.

you will have to show some code of what you tried