Cropping plane scaling

Hello !
I use AddClippingPlane method in vtk volume rendering and can easily set origin and orientation of plane.Is it possible to also scale cropping plane in volume mapper ? If not because I assume so as vtkPlane is math function and not object on the scene do you have any ideas how to achieve that ?


Yes, vtkPlane is an implicit function that is evaluated against the volume bounds to create a bounded cropping plane. As such, there is no scaling involved. Are you looking to render scaled plane geometry?

Thanks for confirmation @sankhesh !
Actually I want to crop volume with cube bounds so I could crop it not only on whole length. Something like on the pic:

For cropping to cube bounds, you need to define the 6 planes that make up the cube and then feed them to the volume mapper. That’s how VolView’s cropping widget is implemented.

Yes that works perfectly indeed however I’m wondering here if it’s possible to have a reversed cropping effect so instead cropping volume that is inside a cube to crop it with an aouter cube which will result in that only part of volume could be cropped and not on whole lenght if scaling of plane would be possible. Let me attach more SSs of this idea:

To reverse cropping direction, just negate the normals of the face planes.