crush issue vtk python on google colab

Hello everyone
I am trying to use vtk in google colab
My tests with simplest vtk code such as circle is returning the crush of kernel each time with an unknown error.
I traced back the line that the code crushes with following line: renderWindow.Render()

Does anyone has any experience whether vtk run in google collaboration properly at all? Below is the full code of the example from vtk website:

It is probably a rendering issue (no gpu) and you need to make sure you use a VTK that was built with OSMesa (OffScreen Mesa).

You should be able to set up a display server and use that. I haven’t done it myself but you can find many potential solutions if you google for google colab x server.

Hello @lassoan, Nice to meet you
I am using react-vtkjs-viewport node module in my react app.
Do you know about this?
Could you please explain about environment for using this module?
Thank you in advance