Custom Shader vs Camera Frustrum for infinite plane

Dear All,

I’m currently using VTK (7.1.1) to create off-shore simulations.
I got the sea bottom working using Delaunay from bathymetric point cloud.

Now, I’m trying to create a visual representation of the sea as an arbitrary plane on sea level.
My first try was using a vtkPlaneSource, I suppose it could work if I use some sort of skybox to mimic the horizon but ideally I’d like an infinite plane representation.

On this line, I’m investigating two possible ways so far:

  • Using some sort of custom shader, but so far I haven’t found a lot of information about it.
  • Updating the plane boundaries using the camera frustrum. While this could work, I’m not sure about the refresh speed on panning/zooming.

If anybody has done some work on this lines before or would like to suggest different aproaches, I’d greatly appreciate any insight on this matter.