Custom user interface

I apologise as i’m quite new to VTK

Is it possible to create my own user interface (with buttons etc) via C++ to display the volume rendered model? through researching, I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning QT, if that’s what I would need, can someone please point me to an example or software guide.

Thank you.

If you want to have windows/linux/mac compatible software on desktop platform then I don’t think there would be any serious alternatives to Qt.

I would recommend to find an existing open-source project that does something similar to what you need (e.g., ParaView for generic engineering visualization, 3D Slicer for medical image computing) and customize and extend that instead of starting a new application from scratch. This way you can avoid spending lots of time with reimplementing basic features and instead you can focus on your problem and your solutions. It is also more fun and efficient to work as part of a community.

Hello, Tracy!

You can take a look at a simple Qt/VTK application that I created for a course:
It is very simple, but it has a separate Qt window that you can design in Qt Creator with a VTK rendering widget in it. You can translate the code comments that are in Portuguese to English in your favorite translator.