cut 1 branch into 2 meshes BUT not effect any other branches/meshes, does VTK support similar operations ?

cut 1 branch into 2 meshes BUT not effect any other branches, does VTK support similar operations?
There are 3 trees located very closely, many branches from its own parent-tree or adjacent-tree are overlapped.
Pick 1 point on 1 branch, based on this point & its closest centerline-point and its adjacent points, determine 1 plane which is vertical to the centerline and the picked-point is on the plane.
Use this plane to cut/split this ONLY branch, BUT not cut/split any other branches even if they are able to intersected with the plane.


is there any way to know the branch which pickPoint on was already cut, then stop the clipPlane cut other branches? the pickPoint or the closest centerPoint inside the branch are known.
if the above method was impossible in VTK, then is there any other way to achieve the goal? maybe set a finitePlane or a cylinder with the branch radius AS the clipPlane?