data files from VTKData-9.0.3.tar.gz

Hi, does anyone know how to use files (extension .sha512) from VTKData-9.0.3.tar.gz ?

In my opinion, this " .sha512" file can not used for application test, it just used to check the real data’s Data integrity which used for application test.

@Ricardo_M_Picado SHA512 files are content links; they are associated to an actual data file (e.g. a PNG image, an STL file, etc.) hosted in a specific data hosting service. They are used (i) to separate the code from the data, and (ii) to avoid having excessively large files within a code repository.

Note sure if all information here is up-to-date, but it certainly gives you a better picture about VTKData:


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Hi Jon, thank you.

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I just want to run online VTK examples like this one - but cannot find a simple description of how to obtain the necessary data files. The link referenced above seems to apply to VTK contributors, and the procedure seems quite complex. How to just get the data files to run the examples?

For anyone still looking for the data, they can be downloaded from here:

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