data files from VTKData-9.0.3.tar.gz

Hi, does anyone know how to use files (extension .sha512) from VTKData-9.0.3.tar.gz ?

In my opinion, this " .sha512" file can not used for application test, it just used to check the real data’s Data integrity which used for application test.

@Ricardo_M_Picado SHA512 files are content links; they are associated to an actual data file (e.g. a PNG image, an STL file, etc.) hosted in a specific data hosting service. They are used (i) to separate the code from the data, and (ii) to avoid having excessively large files within a code repository.

Note sure if all information here is up-to-date, but it certainly gives you a better picture about VTKData:


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Hi Jon, thank you.

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