Dataset with large-value coordinates renders black in VTK9.1, normal in VTK8.1

I encountered this with a more complex dataset, but have created a simple example that demonstrates the issue. It creates a 2x2x2 rectilinear grid with coordinate values of -5.5e+20 and 2.5e+20 for each dimension, then renders the grid.

With VTK-8 it renders red as expected, but with VTK-9 it renders black.
It makes me wonder if there was some flag I missed when I compiled VTK-9.

If I change the coordinates to -5.5e+10 and 2.5e+10 then it renders correctly in VTK-9 as well.

I’ve attached the sample program, the CMakeLists.txt used to build, results from VTK-8 and 9 (snapshots) and the initial CMakeCache.txt that shows how I compiled VTK-9.

renderLargeCoords.cxx (1.6 KB)
CMakeLists.txt (419 Bytes)

CMakeCache.txt (1.3 KB)