[DICOM series] Image zoomed whille scrolling slices

This is my first post and I’ve just started using VTK, so I apologize in advance for my beginner-level questions.

I’m working with CT DICOM series and Cocoa, using vtkImageSliceMapper, vtkImageSlice and vtkInteractorStyleImage.
I am currently able to zoom, pan and scroll through the slices using the interactor’s native shortcuts.
However, when scrolling through the slice from top to bottom, the image also gets zoomed in. Is there some option to configure in order to prevent this behavior?

For image display, you can set the camera to use a parallel projection rather than a perspective projection. The perspective causes a zoom when the image comes closer to the camera.


See this example: ImageHistogram

Thank you for the input! I was able to get the behavior I wanted by using the parallel projection.