Display both 3D polydata and 2D "projected" images preserving the geometrical relations

Hello everyone,

I have one 3D poly-data and several related 2D images obtained by some projection from certain angles, like X-ray images.
(2D images are not constructed directly from the 3D poly-data but provided from the outside.)
I want to display both 3D and 2D images in the same render window interactively preserving the geometrical relations:
I attached an image to illustrate the desired situation.

Specifically, if a 2D image is to be obtained by some projection operation from the direction
v = [sin(t)cos(u), sin(t) sin(u), sin(t)],
the 2D image should be placed so that its normal vector is parallel to v.
Also, in the interaction, both 3D and 2D are expected to move consistently.

I could display both 3D poly data and the projected 2D image
if the projection direction is X-, Y-, or Z- direction by using vtkPolyDataMapper and vtkDataSetMapper.
However, I want to place several 2D projected images
with each normal vector being any given projection directions.

Is there a way to realize such a display style in VTK?

I appreciate any suggestion.
Thanks in advance.

These all look very doable using VTK. Read the VTK textbook and check out VTK examples to see exactly how you can set this up.

…i have a very similar example in vtkplotter if your happy to work with python:

from vtkplotter import *

vp = Plotter(axes=3, bg='white')

for i in range(18):
    a = vp.load(datadir+"images/dog.jpg")
    a.crop(bottom=0.2).alpha(0.5).rotateX(20*i) # crop 20%


Thank you very much for your response.

I found the method vtkImageData::SetDirectionMatrix in the GitHub version (maybe not yet implemented in VTK 8.2).
This method was the key to achieve my aim.

Thank you very much for your help.

This is exactly what I wanted to, though I’m now developing in C++.

The vtkplotter seems very useful for prototyping and to provide working examples.

Many thanks!

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