Do not use GPU when running vtk-python code for 3D rendering

Hello all
I tested the code using vtk-python for 3D rendering. Can it run if the computer does not have a GPU?

Yes, VTK can do 3D rendering even if you don’t have a GPU. Actually, you don’t even need a graphics card but you can use a software-only OpenGL implementation.

Of course, when you display somewhat complex models (more than 100k points) or use volume raycasting then you get higher refresh rates if you have graphics card hardware and even better performance with a discrete GPU.

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A computer without a GPU will use more RAM than a computer with a GPU to display 3D dicom images, right?

I don’t think these are relevant questions to ask, because if you work with large images then you have many other, more complex issues to deal with than just total memory usage.

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@lassoan Thanks for your answer