Does lib VTK support exporting/converting to dwg files?

Dear Admin

Admin, please help me. Does lib VTK have support exporting/converting to dwg files with the free version?


Hi @QuanNguyen

  1. This is VTK discourse, not ITK, you can find ITK discourse here:
  2. There is only the “free” version

I changed it to VTK r, thanks for your support

So I’m confused by your question, because I already answered you here:

The answer is basically the same:

autocad has some .vtk import and export capabilities that you can use.

VTK can aslo open .STEP and .IGES files if that helps.

So, could you please let me know if there is any free library to export or convert to a DWG file (in .NET, Python, or C++ code)?

thanks you