Does VTK has a class which can write NRRD file?

I’m trying to find a class which is like vtkNrrdWriter. But I didn’t find it. Is there some way I can get the same result? I want to write the file to NRRD format.

There is one in Slicer: Slicer/vtkTeemNRRDWriter.h at main · Slicer/Slicer · GitHub

FYI @jcfr


@Sterben_01 The classes currently found in the Slicer code base have been “field” tested for many years and should work well. They depend on teem.

If there you are interested in supported the effort, we could look into integrating these into VTK either directly or as a remote module (that would be available as python wheels).


Thank you!

Thank you so much!