Draw Cylinder & Curved Shapes in VTKUnStructuredGrid

Hello Everyone,

Q1: I’m trying to generate VTK data. I have some Data that have cylindrical shapes like pipes and bends. I would like to convert them to VTK format. To achieve this, I am using VtkUnstructuredGrid.I searched thoroughly online for information on using CylinderSource in VtkUnstructuredGrid, but I could not find any helpful resources. I utilized VTK_POLYHEDRON to transform the problem into a cylindrical shape, but the results were not up to par with my expectations. The shape requires further enhancement to attain a more accurate cylindrical appearance.

Please check the attached Image below:

Note: For this, I only had 2 Points as Starting and Ending. I generated 12 Points in a Circular manner with a specified radius for both starting and ending points and Joined them, forming a 14-faced PolyHedron shape.

Q2: How to Draw Bend in VtkUnstructuredGrid if we have 3 Points as Starting, Mid and ending points?

If you have any suggestions or information regarding this, please guide me.