duplicated triangles after applying removeDuplicatePolyFilter

Hi, I’m creating a polydata after triangulation.
I want to remove all duplicated triangles.
After using remove DuplicatePolyFilter I still got the message that the polydata has duplicated triangles.
How can I perfectly remove duplicated triangles?


Could you share the data including the duplicate triangles you are using in a vtp file or something?

test.vtp (3.5 MB)
This is a my mesh file!


For the data you shared, before and after applying vtkRemoveDuplicatePolys, the results are as follows

  • Number of points: 183430 → 183430
  • Number of cells: 366104 → 365836

I also tried a similar tool, MeshLab’s Remove Duplicate Faces filter, and the results were the same.

  • Vertices: 183430 → 183430
  • Faces: 366104 → 365836

From the above, it seems that removing duplicate triangles in the normal sense is valid.

How did you check for duplicate triangles in your previous post? Also, when you did that check, was the number of nodes in your data the same as above?


I checked the data used the Tetgen binary file!
I think my poly data file has some intersection problems.
So, If any progress, I’ll repot you, Sir.


thanks my issue has been fixed.