error when including #include <vtkNetCDFReader.h>

Im trying to create a c++ program that uses Netcdf when i add this include #include <vtkNetCDFReader.h>
i keep getting this error
1>C:\Users-—\Desktop\BOLTgui\BOLT\vtk\Utilities\KWSys\vtksys\process.h(6,10): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: ‘vtksys/Configure.h’: No such file or directory
i added this file path C:\Users-----\Desktop\BOLTgui\BOLT\vtk\Utilities\KWSys\vtksys to vc++ directories included directories and i also had added the file path to additional included directories but but this file C:\Users-—\Desktop\BOLTgui\BOLT\vtk\Utilities\KWSys\vtksys DOES have Configure.h so i dont know why visual studios is saying this ‘vtksys/Configure.h’: No such file or directory

the file C:\Users-----\Desktop\BOLTgui\BOLT\vtk\Utilities\KWSys\vtksys is supposes to have a \ after Users i edited it but the \ wont show