error when trying to import stl files

Hello. I am using a tool within linux mint (BARAM) to import stl files and then create surface meshes. Although the information contained within the .stl file (like surface names) is loaded, it cannot be displayed. In the terminal the following error is shown. All stl files that fail to load in the tool are accessible in other tools like “PARAVIEW”.

TK-6.3.0/IO/Geometry/vtkSTLReader.cxx, line 461
/vtkSTLReader (0x3965560): STLReader: error while reading file /home/XXXX/.OpenFOAM/Baram_temporary/system/settings/bottom.stl at line 3: unable to read point.

ERROR: In /home/foamer/Projects/Baram/dev/makeLibs/src/VTK-6.3.0/Common/ExecutionModel/vtkExecutive.cxx, line 784
vtkCompositeDataPipeline (0x391fff0): Algorithm vtkSTLReader(0x3965560) returned failure for request: vtkInformation (0x395c780)
Debug: Off
Modified Time: 9094
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Can you please suggest any solution?
Thank you in advance

Could you upload the .stl file? It might be that the .stl file is not valid.

Thank you for your reply. The .stl file I am talking about opens in virtually any tool that can import .stl files (blender, Paraview, etc.). I am no expert, but I think the problem is related to the tool I am using to import the file. It does the same thing with any .stl files I am trying to import.

Unfortunately as a new user I cannot upload any content.

Thank you.

ParaView literally uses the vtkSTLReader, you may want to share your data.

If I am reading the error output correctly you are using VTK version VTK-6.3.0 which is quite old, I would guess that this is the problem.

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Thank you all for your kind replies. @will.schroeder: Yes, I am aware that the 6.3.0 utilised by the tool is quite old. Do you recon to replace the whole folder with a newer version of the libraries? Will that work?

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