Error while compiling ASL

Well, I was compiling ASL using cmake and got Following error

CMake Error at /usr/lib64/cmake/vtk/vtkDetectLibraryType.cmake:23 (message):
The `PATH` argument is required.                                                                             
Call Stack (most recent call first):                                                                           
/usr/lib64/cmake/vtk/patches/99/FindHDF5.cmake:1066 (vtk_detect_library_type)                                
/usr/lib64/cmake/vtk/VTK-vtk-module-find-packages.cmake:1355 (find_package)                                  
/usr/lib64/cmake/vtk/vtk-config.cmake:150 (include)                                                          
CMakeLists.txt:56 (find_package)

Can you guys help me to fix it?

Hmm. It seems that HDF5 is not found in your case? Or it ended up using a different variable than is detected. Could you poke around in FindHDF5 and trace what might be going wrong around line 1066 on your setup? Using cmake --trace-expand can help to see what CMake sees (and hopefully the variable name that actually has the path to HDF5 shows up).

This is code at line 1066 in FindHDF5.cmake

        vtk_detect_library_type(_hdf5_libtype PATH "${_hdf5_location}")

I know that. What I don’t have is the actual values of the variables involved that get to that point. This depends on your environment and HDF5 installation, so I can’t do much without the instructions to make this or traces of how it got into this state. If you look at the way _hdf5_location is calculated, it asks a set of variables that it could be in. That is missing some case that ends up happening in your environment.

I am using Garuda Linux