Error while Running CMAKE configure on VTK9.0 in Ubuntu

  • Environment: Ubuntu:20.04.2 LST
  • Compiler: G++ 9.3.0
  • CMAKE Version: 3.20.2 -
  • Generator - Unix MakeFIles
  • vtk version: 9

I get the following error:
Could NOT find X11 (missing: Xt)
CMake Error at CMake/vtkModule.cmake:4140 (message):
Could not find the X11 external dependency.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
Rendering/OpenGL2/CMakeLists.txt:334 (vtk_module_find_package)

Configuring incomplete, errors occurred!

I have tried running “sudo apt-get install libx11-dev” but it didnt help

I have cmakeError.log but am not allowed to attaché the file

I’m working on Windows, but I guess you could miss some headers in order to compile on Ubuntu.
May be, you need libxt-dev because of the error message.
Have you tried sudo apt-get install libxt-dev then rerun CMake?
I’m not sure, I hope it could help.

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sudo apt-get install libxt-dev helped. Thanks :slight_smile: