ESET detect Trojan in vtkCommonCore-9.0d.dll (false-positive ?)


since this day, I can’t use VTK for one of my projects anymore, the ESET antivirus detects a trojan (ML/Augur) in the dll (vtkCommonCore-9.0d.dll).

Is it possible without disabling the antivirus to fix this problem?
Have you already encountered this problem?

In advance thank you for your help


You can check the file at virustotal and if it seems that it is a false positive then you should be able to set an exception for the file or folder in your antivirus.

It may be useful to disable antivirus in build folders anyway, to make the build faster. It should not be significant security risk, because if your compiler generates infected executables then your computer is already compromised.

Thank you for your help, and this is also my opinion.

Unfortunately, my company’s antivirus policy does not allow me to disable antvirus, nor to set exception for files or folders.

So I will contact my helpdesk again to get more rights on this antivirus.

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