example in vtk.org/wiki not work

Hello everyone,

please, pay attention to publication


Example given here does not work.

In general it is not possible to do wrapper from c++ to python using boost. Yes, we send and receive one at the same address of object in c++ and in python, but we can’t work correct with memory, which connected with this address.

Herewith, if we type in Google “vtk c++ python wrapper example” then we get first link https://vtk.org/Wiki/VTK/Python_Wrapping_FAQ, using which we can see this example.

I spent a week to make sure that this method cannot work for vtk, due to the inability to work correct with copy constructor for vtk classes.

If I am not right, explain me please in what. Else, please remove the link to this example.


Hi Inna,

I have removed the link from the Python Wrapping FAQ page.

The person who created the link and wrote the instructions for using boost.python with VTK did so in good faith, with the intention of helping other people who wanted to do the same. VTK itself has never officially supported the use of boost.python with VTK objects.