Extract outside surface


I’m trying to create a tube around a line. I used vtkTubeFilter to do this, but when there is a closed angle the result will be like this :

I want to keep only the outside surface of this tube. How can i remove the inner parts ?

A self-intersecting mesh is invalid and I don’t think there is a way to fix it.

You either need to smooth the line (for example, using spline interpolation) and/or reduce the radius; or use a completely different approach, such as implicit modelling (see example here).


Thank you for answer.

I’ll try the implicit modelling.

Hi, sorry to disturb you after 2 years. But have you figured out a new method?
Thanks a lot in advance!

As Andras suggested, implicit modelling will work (but slow). I’m guessing if you are willing to get into the rendering guts, you could use a shader, maybe someone else has done something similar.