Facing Qt example CMake configure error GuiSupportQt not found.

I am trying to configure Qt example project using:
VTK 8.2.0
CMake 3.15.2
VS 2015
Qt 5.13.0 MSVC 2015 64-bit

VTK configure with Qt is fine. But configuring any example project to use Qt is causing GuiSupportQt not found error. I have checked and dlls are there for Qt.

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So after trying all efforts, my solution is simple. I was trying to build RenderWindowUISingleInheritance example.

Issue was with CMakeLists file. vtkViewsQt was not added in find_package(VTK COMPONENTS {} block.

VTK experts please confirm if this is the right solution to problem.

Adding vtkGUISupportQt in find_package(VTK COMPONENTS {} block resolve this error as well.

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