fatal error: vtkVersion.h: no such directory or file

I downloaded a project from github and ran it through vs code on ubantu, but vs code told me that I couldn’t find the header files,But I can trace these header files like vtkVersion.
Here is my cmakeLists.txt:

Here is my terminal:

Here is my head files:
None of these header files can be found.
here is vtkVersion.h

Looks like old code. Checkout the example for modern VTK code: https://kitware.github.io/vtk-examples/site/

I have tested the new version of the sample code, but the same problem still exists: the header file cannot be found for seconds. I think there may be a problem with the header file search path configuration of g++。
here is the includepath.json:
This is the path where my header file is located:
According to the online data, it is not necessary to configure environment variables for installing vtk in the ubantu system, so I think it is not the environment variables that have problems.

With VTK 9, there are two ways to get the libraries and include directories that you need.

The first way is to list the modules that you need in the find_package statement. Then you can use ${VTK_LIBRARIES} for linking:

find_package(VTK COMPONENTS CommonCore FiltersCore IOImage)
target_link_libraries(NewMarchingCubes PRIVATE ${VTK_LIBRARIES})

The second way is to list the individual libraries with target_link_libraries():

find_package(VTK REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(NewMarchingCubes PRIVATE VTK::CommonCore VTK::FiltersCore VTK::IOImage)

The include directories are automatically set when you use target_link_libraries().