find the actor that another actor is intersecting with

hi, i have a situation in which i have a sphere in a field of multiple randomly placed cubes, the sphere is controlled by keyboard and when the sphere intersects a cube or collides with a cube i want to change the color of that cube while leaving the rest of the cube as is. i looked for a method that can give the actor that the sphere is colliding with but not able to find it.

how can this be achieved?

any help would be great


Take a look at vtkCollisionDetectionFilter. I’ll try to write an example soon.


I added an example to the VTK Examples Project called CollisionDetection. I also added some videos on youtube in the VTK Examples Playlist.



hi, thanks for the suggestion. Thing is i just want to get the actor that i am colliding with.

I have just added a Python version.

hi mr lorense
Why there is no class vtkcollisiondetectionfilter in vtk python?
vscode dosent know.

The class in not in a released version. You will need to checkout the current head and build VTK with python wrapping on,

Here is a video showing the class in action.

Can you explain more
I have an urgent need to stop two stl files with them
thank you

You need to build vtk. Follow the instructions here.

Hello i downloaded vtk and so did cmake but i get error when i press configure key and it says file invalid can you help me?