font size in vtk Charts and Plots

Dear VTK users,

I have compiled both VTK-7.1.1 and VTK-8.1.2 on MacOS Catalina and both versions run smoothly and all the examples compile and run. I am using VTK at the moment to produce some 2D plots (scatter and line plots) and I also would like to create some contour plots as well. Since I am running under macOS when I run any of the Chart examples I get a Cocoa display. I can change the legend font size but is there a way to change the font size of the axis values appearing under the ticks? They do not resize when I resize the dispaly so they are really small when the chart is displayed full screen.


alright! changing the font sieze is actually relativly easy! :slight_smile:

This makes the disaply easier to read.

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