FourPaneViewer example misses testcase

Since there is no test case specified for FourPaneViewer example and I have some failed tests,I dont know if my self compiled code is faulty or my input is wrong.


Running test command: "C:/Program Files/CMake/bin/ctest.exe" "-C" "Release"
Test project D:/vtk/vtkbuild/Examples/GUI/Qt/FourPaneViewer
No tests were found!!!

I tried several freely available test sets and the prostate set from src\Testing\Data\dicom, by specifying the file location as start parameter. D:\vtk\vtkbuild\ExternalData\Testing\Data\dicom

ERROR: In D:\vtk\vtksrc\IO\Image\vtkDICOMImageReader.cxx, line 96
vtkDICOMImageReader (000001AF06F659B0): DICOMParser couldn't open : D:/vtk/vtkbuild/ExternalData/Testing/Data/dicom/collection

-collection [folder]

LastTestsFailed.log (1011 Bytes)

anyone? @dgobbi

I spent some time (too much time!) investigating this example, and here is what I’ve discovered:

  • The “test” only builds the example, it doesn’t run the example (same as you found, it reports No tests were found!!! after the example is built).
  • VTK doesn’t provide any data that is suitable for testing: prostate.IMG is just one slice, and the collection/*.dcm images are a time series rather than a volume.
  • Even with as proper DICOM volume, the example appears to be incomplete and buggy (see image below).

So this example is probably not a good starting point for anyone wanting to create a DICOM viewer with VTK.

Thanks four your investigations.

If someone stumbles across this thread. I downloaded the BRAINX MR dataset from Osirix link
and pointed the fourpaneviewer to it.
I get the following result after dragging the mouse in bottom right viewer in order to update it.
The slicing seems to work. I think its not intended that the non cross sectional views dont update after moving the corresponding plane so I will investigate why this is not working.

By clicking “i” on one vtkResliceImageViewer, you active the interactor and are able to scroll through the volume. But so far there is no crosshair in resliceImageViewer’s.