Generate Rotational Maximum Intensity Projections

I have been redirected here from ITK discourse. I am very new to using ITK, and am working using SITK on Python.
I have 3D PET scans. From each 3D matrix, I have generated 2 MIPs at 90 degrees - Sagittal and Coronal. This was easily achieved using the sitk.MaximumProjection function.

How can I generate Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP), at 10 degree rotations?
So that every PET scan gives me 36 MIPs.

You can use VTK’s volume renderer to generate maximum intensity projections. An alternative option is to use vtkImageReslice (slab mode), which is much slower but can create 16-bit or floating-point output.

If you find it easier to use a GUI then you can load your image to 3D Slicer and use Volume rendering module to generate MIP images. You can use Screen Capture module to save many renderings at different rotation angles to a list of files. You can automate all steps using Python scripting.