Gizmo or any other alternative to bbox widget to rotate a polydata

Hi everybody,

I wonder if there is any library for gizmo I can integrate with vtk for rendering.
Any recommendation?. Or a similar widget for rotation to replace the
bounding box widget where the rotation is very difficult to perform.


I implemented it by myself with the help of the mitk that is already implemented if someone is interested. It is quite easy to adapt it. I use an interactor style of vtk and the gizmo class for its structure. And the mathematics behind of gizmo are on google.

Any chance you’d be willing to share the code on GitHub?

It is already there.

veru easy to read and follow. My adaptation is not a widget either. It is based on interactor style and the structure as it is shown here.

Good luck

I wonder if I had implemented the gizmo as a widget, the code would be more efficient. As I am switching from camera to gizmo style every time I click on an actor. Someone has any idea?. So if it is was a widget it would be independent from the style.

If i wanted to implement it as a widget, should I define representation and widget?. Or I can subclass it directly?. Any idea?

By now I will keep the interactor solution as it works although it might not be the best solution until I find an efficient way to make it widget then I can share the code in github.