GLTFReader + texture

Hi everyone,

I am using the python binding of VTK 9.0.1.

After loading a gltf model via vtkGLTFReader, I can see the model on my scene and start different animations.

However, I can not see any texture on my model. I wonder why I can see the texture with vtkGLTFImporter and not with vtkGLTFReader.

How can I apply / get the texture from GLTFReader? Do you have any examples? or How can I get the texture from vtkGTLFImporter and apply it to vtkGLTFReader?

vtkGLTFReader.GetNumberOfTextures() always returns me 0
vtkGLTFReader.GetGLTFTexture returns me:
*** AttributeError: 'vtkmodules.vtkIOGeometry.vtkGLTFReader' object has no attribute 'GetGLTFTexture'

Thank you for your feedback

Readers in VTK load only the geometry and the scalar fields.
Moreover, the animation is computed on the CPU in order to be able to connect the reader to post-processing filters, so it is very slow.
If you want to load the textures, the camera, and the lights as well, you need to use the importer.
GPU-accelerated animations will be possible in VTK 9.1 but if you need skinning and morphing support, you will have to provide a custom vertex shader to the polydata mapper.