Is there a way to import gmsh files into vtk?

I did find a gmsh reader in the paraview repo but there does not seem to be such a thing as vtkGmshReader in vtk.

Yes, that would require to integrate GMSH into VTK which is not planned atm.

However, you can recover the module inside the GMSH plugin in ParaView and modify it slightly o make it build against VTK, you should then be able to read GMSH files.

thanks @mwestphal.
As work around I will use the .stl export of gmsh and then import that into vtk.

@rdbrn did you ever try moving the ParaView class to VTK? I ask because I’m interested in gmsh too.

There’s also this ticket:

FYI the GmshReader linked in the first comment is not really maintained anymore and does not rely on the official Gmsh API so it may not even work with recent GMSH files.
However you can take a look at the more recent GmshIO plugin It is
based on Gmsh 4.7 and solely depends on VTK so moving it should be trivial (ignoring the Gmsh dependency).