Have problem on render my data

I am new for VTK, and recently my project need it,and i have many question waiting for resolution
Here is one:
when I load my data, i used the following code:

def load_Nifti(data):
Nifti = vtkNIFTIImageReader()

volume = Nifti.GetOutput()

return volume

And my data’s original size is (208, 240, 368)
When i render my data, the code is automatic do the resample to 111,which i didn’t want to.
Because i found that when i used:


I get :

(0.0, 157.15559297800064, 0.0, 157.66013169288635, 0.0, 100.6149368584156)
obvious that is the resample size,which i had calculated

How can i render my original data?

That is what mesh Axis see, it can show that the size become the resample size


A 1x1x1 resample is no resampling (you render all the voxels). Why do you think the renderer is skipping data?



Because the data original spacing and size are:

(0.4282168745994568, 0.6596658229827881, 0.48606249690055847)
(208, 240, 368)

And after render, the size is become (158, 158, 101), and that size is when resample to 1x1x1

What class volume belongs to?

I figured it out.
After render,the volume become physical size,it didn’t do any other opera
And i hadn’t thought that before
Thank you very much for your help

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