HDF5 version support

Hello. What is your support plan for HDF5 API versions 1.10 and 1.14? Will you have dual version support? In VTK release notes for 9.3.0.RC1, I find only 1.12 and 1.13 are mentioned. Both of these HDF5 versions are now deprecated in favor of the other two.

Hello Dave,

Personally, I’m not aware about any support of theses versions but maybe @jfausty or @danlipsa have some inputs about it

VTK (and ParaView) should compile against anything HDF5 1.8+. There may be bugs, but that would require testing and (ideally) example data files.

@ben.boeckel would it be worth trying to bump the hdf5 version internal to VTK?

Probably, but I don’t know when I’ll get a chance to do it. It tends to be one of the hairier updates.

Thank you for this information. I am not asking for the internal version to be updated. I am working on Macports updates, which builds from source and prefers external source builds of dependencies such as HDF5.

HDF5 v1.13 is supposed to be an experimental version of HDF5 v1.14. Since recent VTK is already tested against HDF5 v1.13, I would therefore expect that VTK should work with HDF5 v1.14, with little or no extra porting needed.

Ah, yes. I think all of the 1.14 changes were in 1.13.1.

Okay. I suggest that for next VTK release, test with the latest HDF5 1.14.x release, and report that in the release notes. 1.10 and 1.12 are not important to me, but some users might be hanging on and would appreciate test reports. Drop the experimental 1.13 completely, in favor of 1.14.

I am not a fan of third party bundling, so I have no suggestion about that.

You have no argument from me there, but Windows users are prevalent enough that not making them go through hoops to have a non-useless build is generally appreciated. Also, the vendored versions can be put into our Python wheels pretty easily without conflicts (we mangle all public symbols in our vendored copies…with a few exceptions, but they are “old” and need updated to our proper import procedures anyways).